Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Community Service #4/2018 : Cartier Tank Anglaise Serial No. 3507327420UX

Update :
I must thank all parties whom have been reading my blog for working together with me to spread the word around. Late last night, I received a lead about the whereabouts of a previously-scammed watch by Inez Lau / Nicole Chew, and thereafter had been tracking the Cartier watch below through various network. In fact, I just got off the phone with an attending Sergeant looking into similar cases and was informed that the serial no. of the watch sold by her to an entity matched that of the details in my blog. So it would seemed that we have located the missing piece. Now we have to work towards getting this piece back. As the owner remarked to me, "At least there's hope of getting the watch back now." 

Another watch owner i.e. AH had just requested for my assistance to send word out that his above watch had been scammed off in a similar fashion as that of https://andywristwatches.blogspot.my/2018/01/community-service-rolex-daytona-serial.html

After hearing of his account on the modus operandi and his description of the lady scammer and her husband, I showed him pictures of the scammer from the earlier Daytona case and AH confirmed that it was the same person; although in this case, she used the name of Nicole Chew Yin Sun. But the picture of the scammer revealed that Inez Lau Yin Ling and her alias, Nicole Chew Yin Sun were the same persons.

He further revealed that the scammer and her English husband (whom was introduced as a Dr working locally) came to meet him face-to-face at Desa Park City in a white BMW Z4 sports car. In the Daytona case, the scammers met DL at Bangsar South and was said to drive a black Ford Mustang and white Audi TT. Actually, this pair of scammers used to be quite well known for a while; and it looked like they have since branched off into luxury watches.

You could read more about the pair's exploits here @ https://thecoverage.my/news/scam-netizen-shares-experience-social-media-warn-public-beware-con-couple/, but the tales aren't going to make good bedtime stories. Some print screens from the site included the following :

From various owners' accounts, it would seemed that there could be 4 watches i.e. Tudor, IWC, Rolex, and Cartier that could have been lost via this manner. 

Coming back to AH's Cartier watch, please keep a look-out for this watch bearing the above serial no.  I would opine that the scammers could dispose of the watch at pre-owned watch shops too, so do keep a sharp eye thereabouts. In fact, from information from various parties, the earlier Daytona was believed to have been purchased by a pre-owned watch dealer so we have to see if the information works out.

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