Sunday, 7 January 2018

Community Service #2/2018 : Patek Philippe Annual Calendar & Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Restivo

This is breaking news indeed. Further to my entry on the stolen Rolex Yatch-Master earlier @, the  rightful owner i.e. MIF had reached out to me and confided in me that 3 pieces were stolen robbed and hopefully, readers here would be able to spread the word around.

Besides the earlier Yatch-Master, the other 2 pieces were as per the following :

1) Patek Philippe White Gold Annual Calendar model no. 5146G-010 :

2) Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Restivo :

The owner was robbed of these 3 watches under armed robbery when he was showing the watches to the intended buyer, with a knife held at his throat. The Rolex and Patek Philippe were taken as full boxed sets, while he was wearing the Audermars Piguet on his own wrist.

I could imagine what a trauma the owner must have gone through tonight. Let's spread the word around and hopefully, he could be re-united with his prized watches.

Make this count, dear readers...


  1. I'll spread your post to all our watch clubs here in UK. Will forward these over to my watch buyers in USA for them to help too.

  2. Shared your post with our HK watch collector's WhatsApp and Wechat groups.

  3. I regularly sell watches too. This makes it scary to meet buyers in Malaysia now. It's because of the economic downturn, more crimes now.

  4. Dato saw adv at mudah today the Rolex everose same model as your pix.